Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning is an important step in maintaining the purity of timber. Nature can severely impact the integrity of your deck and if it is left to warp or change colour, mould can grow rapidly.

The sun and moisture from the rain or morning dew, as well as pollen, all affect wood. Maybe you've tried cleaning it yourself and maintaining your deck with sealer however, the results you've achieved are less than impressive.

Using the wrong type of stain for your deck, as well as having ill-prepared timber, can all wreak havoc on the longevity of your wood. To achieve success the answer is a complete deck cleaning!

At DeckSeal we will assess the state of your deck before recommending the correct type of stain or finish you require to maintain the natural beauty of the wood, whilst protecting it from any further assault from the environment. We will take care of everything!

We have brought back many decks from the depths of peril within the suburbs of Melbourne and are always keen to work with new clients to restore timber decks back to their original state.

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