Deck Maintenance

Regular deck maintenance and preservation is crucial to prolonging the life of your deck and can be completed any time of the year. 

Maintenance Program

As part of the DeckSeal service, we offer our clients a regular maintenance program, which includes a clean and a coat of oil.

This service will help ensure your timber is preserved and well protected from the elements in Winter by repelling the rain, and limiting the damage caused by the harsh rays of the sun in Summer.

This is an optional service, but something we would highly recommend. Majority of our clients use this service.

We recommend 9-12 monthly re-coats depending on the location, traffic and exposure to the relevant area.

If the treated area is left too long without re-oiling, then an additional coat may be required, at an increased cost.

We will send you a reminder in 9 months via email and/or text to prompt you to contact DeckSeal if you would like us to carry out the deck maintenance. Or alternatively, like many of our clients, just have an ongoing maintenance booking scheduled in. 

In the meantime, to care fo your deck, please

  • Rinse off any bird or animal droppings, BBQ fats or foreign matter immediately
  • Sweep often
  • Using a soft bristle broom, scrub every 4-8 weeks with luke warm water (no chemicals)

Please note: our services also extend to concrete and paving cleaning and outdoor furniture cleaning and oiling.

For a professional assessment and deck staining and oiling services, contact DeckSeal today.


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