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The flat surfacing, and exposed nature of your deck means that it is often accepting the very worst of the elements through the year. The summer sun, the winter rains, and the coarse soles of our shoes all combine to work away on the boards, resulting in a once-sharp finish going grey and lacklustre over time.

However, these boards aren’t dead: they have been bruised, but their wounds are not mortal. If you want to make your deck look fresh and new again, you can revive them. With the proper treatment, some elbow grease and the correct application of deck oiling and painting, your deck can shine again!

At Deckseal, our process begins by stripping away the old finish, and preps the boards for a new one. The new coating produces a strong, weather-resistant surface, one which will protect the boards from the wet, UV and wear. Far from an invasive, expensive, and labour-intensive replacement, Deckseal can renew and revive your existing deck and make it look like new again.

We employ a combination of pressure washing, deep cleaning and the application of a potent cocktail of decking oils and paint. Our treatment is intended to bring the natural wood colours out of your deck, and make the wood shine. Best of all, our deck oiling and painting procedure will protect and preserve your deck, keeping it free of rot and mould issues, and looking great for years to come.

If your deck is looking worse for the wear, we can revive it. Contact Deckseal today!

The capital of Victoria lies in the south of the state, along the shores of Port Phillips Bay. Known for its fixation on sport, the city hosts Australian Open, the AFL Grand Final, and the Australian Grand Prix. It is also known for its numerous universities and technical institutes.

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