Deck Sanding

Deck Sanding is our premium treatment, will bring the timber back to near new. 

Sanding will remove a fine layer off the top of the timber, leaving the beautiful

raw timber boards exposed. 

Our highly trained staff are experts with all the various sanding equipment.

Prior to the sanding any raised nails will be punched and screws reset if required.

Once the timber has been sanded back, the cleaning process will take place.

Following the cleaning is the oiling and staining. 2-3 coats of a high performing water based oil

and your deck will have never looked better.

Blitz Soft Brush Clean/Sand

The Blitz Cleaning process allows an easy, efficient and soft cleaning of timber decking.

All coatings, dirt and grey layers are thoroughly removed leaving the timber ready for maximum oil penetration.

This process allows oils to penetrate deeper into the timber and provides improved density, thus increasing slip

resistance and enhancing the grain appearance.

It does not require pre punching of protruding nails or screws

An integrated vacuum cleaner contains wood dust efficiently.

Terrassen blitzSoft Cleaning BrushTerrassen Blitz Soft Brush

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