Deck Wash & Restoration Service in Melbourne

Restoration is the action of returning something to it's former condition!

With the right materials, equipment and processes, most timber areas can be restored to their former glory.

Our restoration process will be more cost effective than replacing or rebuilding the timber structure.

Restoration can be anything from board replacement or repair, punching nails, resetting screws, sanding, cleaning and finishing with oiling or staining.

Over the years decks and timber structures are subject to all kinds of weather & harsh treatment, losing their colour & lustre. DECKSEAL can help you restore your old timber deck or preserve your new one. 

The condition of your timber will determine the course of action to be taken by DeckSeal.

The DeckSeal treatment can include pressure washing your deck in preparation for generous coats of high performance water based oil that delivers an exceptionally durable, long lasting finish which enhances the characteristics of the timber grain without risk of cracking, blistering or peeling.

DeckSeal are proud supporters of Australian products and use Australia’s leading water based timber deck oil and deck stains. Our direct contact with the producers has enabled us to be at the forefront in knowledge, methods and finishing products.

Deck Wash

Your new deck restoration may include -

  • Power washing
  • Timber deck wash - scrubbing, for ultimate oil penetration
  • Numerous coats of high performance oil.

Existing weathered deck restoration may include -

  • Power washing
  • Stripping of existing deck oil or deck stain
  • Traditional style sanding
  • Timber deck wash – scrubbing, for ultimate penetration
  • Numerous coats of high performance oil.

Deck Seal has set the benchmark for resealing & preserving decks across Melbourne!


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