8 Deck Maintenance Tips for Spring

8 Deck Maintenance Tips for Spring

Sep 11, 2020 | All, Deck Maintenance, Helpful Tips

Hi everybody, I’m Brian from Deckseal.

Now, I’ve got to tell you, it’s the time of the year when we’re thinking about spring cleaning. And spring cleaning, well it’s not just limited to the inside. But you’ll want to do some spring cleaning on the outside as well.

Flowers are blooming, the sun is getting hotter and the backyard deck is beckoning. And after being stuck indoors for months, finally being able to invite people over is definitely something to look forward to. To make sure your deck is ready to entertain, there are 8 steps we recommend everyone do sooner rather than later.

This deck maintenance checklist will have your deck ready for warmer days in no time!

Step one: Check the structure

This first step is especially important for those who have a wooden deck. If your deck is made of natural redwood, cedar, or a pressure-treated wood, you need to check out the deck’s structure. Look for any signs of rot, mildew, or popped out nails and inspect it for any maintenance issues like loose boards, splinters or exposed nails. If your deck or patio is wood, refinishing it will our help to seal in all your hard work.

Step two: Look for rot

Wood rot can look multiple different ways. Look for soft spots on the deck, any discoloration of the wood, splintering, or parts that are particularly loose in your deck. It is vital that you check for these in the structure of your deck, since it can be a matter of safety.

Step three: Replace the wood

If you are seeing any signs of rot, you should consider replacing those areas with sections of new wood. Simply cut off the damaged parts and replace it with new wood. If the rot goes pretty deep, you may want to consider replacing parts (or even all) of the structure.

Step four: Look for mildew

Along with rot, mildew can easily build up after a harsh winter. Luckily, that’s easier to treat compared to wood rot. Although some people use bleach, it’s actually better to use a wood cleaner that is recommended for your specific deck stain.

Step five: Clean the surfaces

After a long winter and rainy spring, your decking will probably need some love. The change in seasons brings moderate weather that suits deck clean products and deck oils because it doesn’t dry too rapidly. It is important to be careful as sometimes power washing can damage the wood so make sure you have it professionally cleaned and stained. This will renew your deck ands keep it in great condition!

Step six: Remove flaking deck stain

Now that you’ve checked your structure, fixed any issues, and cleaned the surfaces, it’s now time to evaluate the state of your deck’s stain. How does it look? If it’s looking flaky, it may be time to remove that flaky deck stain and revive your deck with a fresh new coat! You could also consider giving it a coat of paint if that’s how you would rather restore your deck.

Step seven: Give it an upgrade

Now that your deck is checked, cleaned, and coated in a new stain or paint, it’s time to give it the upgrade it deserves! f it’s looking a little dull or it’s just not your style anymore, you can give it new life with a fresh coat of paint in a bold color. It will look good as new!

Step eight: Add Style

Once the deck is ready, why not think about adding some new deck lighting, a shade with this DIY awning, or even a tiered plant stand. The days are about to be long and the nights warm, so you want to enjoy your outdoor space. if you have kids, you could even consider creating a fairytale garden with string lights.

Ready to get started? Contact us or start a quote to get your Spring Maintenance visit booked in and prolong the life of your deck.

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