Meet the New owners of DeckSeal Bayside: Brodie & Cory Derrick

Meet the New owners of DeckSeal Bayside: Brodie & Cory Derrick

Nov 11, 2023 | All

Welcome to the new era of DeckSeal Bayside, where the dynamic Derrick brothers, Brodie and Cory, have seamlessly transitioned from devoted employees to visionary owners. Their journey with DeckSeal began under the mentorship of Brenton & Jules, learning the ropes and intricacies of the business over a three-year period. This wasn’t just a job for them; it was a masterclass in mentorship and dedication.

The Derrick brothers bring a unique flair to DeckSeal, derived from their rich background in the arts and entertainment industry. When the curtains of the stages were drawn due to the pandemic, Brodie and Cory found themselves without a job and happily joined DeckSeal Bayside when the opportunity arose. Their creative spirit, once displayed on the stage, now shines through in their innovative approach to business and customer service.

From the moment they joined the DeckSeal family, Brodie and Cory were a natural fit. They didn’t just perform their roles; they embraced them with a passion that only true artists possess. Their foresight was clear—they were always on the lookout for an opportunity to weave their own legacy into the fabric of a business.

The rapport they’ve built with DeckSeal’s clientele is nothing short of remarkable. They are not just service providers; they are trusted custodians of their clients’ homes and leisure spaces.

Brodie and Cory are now at the helm. They envision a future where the company not only maintains its golden standard of service but also expands its horizons, ensuring that DeckSeal Bayside becomes synonymous with reliability and quality for years to come.

Join us in celebrating the new chapter of DeckSeal Bayside under the stewardship of Brodie and Cory Derrick. Welcome to the DeckSeal family!

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