6 Decking Ideas for Builders and Renovators

6 Decking Ideas for Builders and Renovators

Jan 4, 2021 | All, Deck Ideas, Helpful Tips, Outdoor Deck Design

Are you a renovating or building a new deck and looking for tips to help your outdoor space look its very best? You came to the right place.

Here at DeckSeal, we like to think we know a thing or two about decks. As deck restoration specialists, we see hundreds of outdoor spaces every year and we love providing a bit of insight and inspiration to our customers on what we think looks really good. Here are our six deck improvement ideas to make the most out of your decking area:

1. Warm stone/grey

When you are trying to decide what colour your decking should be, expanding your horizons can unlock a world of other benefits. What about using a classic but warm colour element like Warm stone which can elevate your decking to the next level! It’s a delicate and unimposing colour that introduces brightness to your garden and is more exciting than white. It will also give your deck a very contemporary feel. Check out these beautiful colours from Cabots

Cabot Exterior Visualizer - Deck - Accent Color | Cabot

Signature lighting

Lighting is essential for your decking space, but this does not make it just a functional item. Rustic and vintage lighting pieces add a signature centrepiece to your space, as well as give you the light you need. If you just had your deck cleaned by DeckSeal, next step, get some beautiful lighting to make it really sing.

Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

Using all the space

The space under your deck is valuable. Whether its used for landscaping, outside storage or a second outdoor living area, be sure to put it to good use!

Household Storage Drawer Solutions - Aussie Deck Drawers Smart Storage  Solutions

Vintage-style wood

Don’t ever think you are stuck with the same looking deck forever. When the renovation bug calls, DeckSeal offers a wide range of oils, stains, and treatments that not only protect your wood but also help your builders and renovators to achieve a cool-looking vintage style without having to use outdated materials of spurious origin.

Retro Metal Outdoor Chair Tulip Vintage Style Furniture Patio Garden Pick  Color for sale online | eBay

Doing something different with railings

Railings are vital safety features, especially if your decking is raised or if you have water nearby. However, again, this doesn’t mean railings need to be boring. Play around with brass and chrome elements to create a safe, functional, great-looking barrier for your decking area.

Deck Railing Design Ideas | DIY

Outdoor electrics

Ask your builder or renovator about outdoor electrics. Modern technology and building practices mean that electric items can be used and installed outside, safely and easily. How does watching the game out on the deck with friends and family sound? Footy, rugby, cricket, whatever you like? We’re sure it sounds pretty good.

Can I use my INDOOR TV Outside in Dallas, TX?

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