A day in the life of a DeckSeal Franchise Partner

A day in the life of a DeckSeal Franchise Partner

Feb 11, 2021 | All, Franchises

Working 40 hours a week and still not getting anywhere?

One of the things we love the most about having our own business is being able to have a great work life balance. It’s a great feeling to be able to wake up and know that we don’t have to race out the door to a job that we dislike or to make money for a person that doesn’t appreciate our efforts.

Instead, we have more time with our family. You get to manage your work days, attend special events at your children’s schools and be there for them when they get home. We get to meet so many fantastic people and provide them with work that they appreciate and put value in. Restoring timer is a deeply rewarding process and adds another level of enjoyment to our life – even better we get paid for it!

It is very satisfying to turn a dull, grey and lifeless looking deck into a beautiful focal point of a home. To see the expression on our client’s faces when they see their newly restored deck is priceless!

A Typical Day

Our aim is to see you succeed with our simplified processes and ongoing support – here is an example of a typical day in the life of a DeckSeal Owner:

  1. Job leads come from the call centre
  2. Visit and quote your potential client
  3. You got the job and you book it into your schedule! Nice
  4. Tools ready, you ‘re onsite doing great and rewarding work
  5. You’ve worked your own hours and completed your job in a timely manner
  6. Complete your necessary paperwork and schedule your client in for a maintenance reminder
  7. Rainy day – no problem! Catch up on paperwork, pop into local businesses to network, do a letter box drop, clean the van, equipment maintenance check, stocktake. Plenty to keep you busy.
  8. Repeat!

Could you be a DeckSeal Franchisee?

We’ve got more business than we can service which is why we are seeking the right people to get on board and become DeckSeal Franchisees across Australia. We have a solid repeat client business and need like minded people to join in the success of DeckSeal.

There is great potential – our existing client base and the constant demand for our services supports this. And, combined with the ever-growing population and expanding property market, the business is positioned in a huge growth sector. With very few businesses doing what we do and Australian’s continuing to love entertaining on the back deck, the time is right for DeckSeal to expand.

Interested? Get more information here

Download the Info Pack

Ring for a no obligation chat and find out a little more about this fantastic and genuine business opportunity. Contact Danielle on 0410 537 164 or email [email protected]

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