Case Study: Breathing New Life into Your Outdoor Spaces

Case Study: Breathing New Life into Your Outdoor Spaces

Jul 27, 2023 | Blog

The essence of a beautifully constructed deck is not just about the aesthetic design or the quality of timber, but lies equally in the sealing process, which gives your deck its durability and charm. We, at DeckSeal, understand this principle well, and have a long-standing tradition of reviving and maintaining decks with a delicate touch. A recent project with our customer Jenny beautifully illustrates this.

Customer at Aspendale Before picture of their deck restoration

Jenny had recently invested in a dreamy backyard landscape design, complete with a shimmering pool and a strikingly beautiful deck. However, the deck, albeit well-crafted, was poorly sealed. Adding to the complications, her husband attempted to remedy the situation and unintentionally chose a colour that didn’t quite match their aesthetic vision. With a pristine new backyard that suddenly felt incomplete, Jenny was understandably anxious and reached out to DeckSeal.

In the competitive market of deck restoration, Jenny had received two other quotes before approaching us. Both suggested a rather aggressive approach – using a messy chemical stripper and high-pressure wash to remove the old coating.

While this method could have done the job, we identified that it risked damaging the fresh landscape surrounding the deck, not to mention the environmental implications. At DeckSeal, we believe in doing the job right while preserving the integrity of the surroundings, so we proposed an alternative approach, one that prioritised Jenny’s concerns.

We introduced Jenny to our brush and buff sanders – an innovative, less intrusive way to get rid of the old coating. This method would not only respect the pristine condition of her backyard but also eliminate the risk of mess and potential damage caused by chemical strippers. Our approach also championed environmentally friendly practices, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining both the beauty and health of our clients’ outdoor spaces.

Jenny’s delight at the completion of the project was a testament to the effectiveness of our methods. The deck was not just restored but transformed, harmonising beautifully with her backyard design. The seal was faultless, the colour perfect and above all, the deck now held an enhanced charm, resilience, and longevity, attributes that define DeckSeal’s reputation.

At DeckSeal, we value the trust our customers place in us to restore their outdoor living spaces. We strive to exceed expectations, delivering not just services but solutions. Jenny’s story is one of many that illustrate the lengths we are willing to go to protect your investment while bringing your vision to life.

Customers After picture of deck restoration

In the world of deck restoration, DeckSeal stands apart, with our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to experience the DeckSeal difference and to give your deck the care and attention it deserves.

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