Business Announcement: DeckSeal Perth is open for business

Business Announcement: DeckSeal Perth is open for business

Nov 17, 2021 | All


Welcome to our new franchise Partner Jaron Bailey! Jaron will be managing the Perth Eastern Suburbs Region covering:

  • Cannington
  • Roleystone
  • Midland
  • Armadale
  • Byford
  • Ashendon

A bit about Jaron…

Jaron has always lived in Western Australia and loves the great outdoors. He has worked in numerous industries from landscaping and turf management to being a western Australian business development manager working within the mining and industrial industry as a product specialist.

He has previously been self-employed and has worked in corporate so understands the business world and home services industry well

.He’s a huge family man and love the life journey. Jaron loves working outdoors, landscaping, creating beautiful gardens and prestige lawns, especially creating memories with his wife and three children.

Jaron has always enjoyed working with timber and at different points in his life, has has been fortunate enough to find the time to build decked boardwalks and bridges and playing around with timber building furniture.

With his new DeckSeal WA East business, Jaron is so excited to to be working with timber each day and creating an opportunity for people to create memories in their outdoor space.

Why did you choose DeckSeal?

“I see the services that DeckSeal offer through their proven system as a unique and valuable home service solution in the WA market. I have always enjoyed working with wood and now I would like to develop my skills with maintaining and restoring timber professionally. Giving an old, tired deck a brand-new lease of life is very exciting to me!”

Jaron Bailey

What made you want to buy a franchise?

“I don’t see the point in recreating the wheel when there a proven systems and supportive team available built on a network of knowledge and experience.”

Jarod looks forward to building a DeckSeal WA East team that loves reviving decks and maintaining timber as much as he does. “Timber has so much natural beauty and can give you a lot of joy when preserved and maintained, and I intend to create that joy in each job I do”.

Jaron, we are so excited to have you on board!

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