Festive Makeover for Your Outdoor Deck This Christmas

Festive Makeover for Your Outdoor Deck This Christmas

Nov 27, 2023 | All

In Australia, our decks serve as a wonderful extension of our indoor living spaces. With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about giving your deck a festive makeover. Imagine enjoying your Christmas lunch outdoors, surrounded by bright and colourful decorations! This article is packed with affordable and practical ideas to transform your deck into a holiday haven.

Deck with christmas lights

Sparkling Christmas Lights:

A key element in creating a festive atmosphere is lighting. Even if you lack external power outlets, there’s no need to worry. Your local Bunnings or Aldi store offers a variety of solar-powered Christmas lights that are perfect for outdoor use. Wrap these twinkling lights around railings and banisters for an enchanting night-time display.

Vibrant Christmas Table Setting:

Dress up your table with a bright, eye-catching tablecloth. Stores like Spotlight offer a range of festive tablecloths at great prices. Complement the tablecloth with paper serviettes in classic Christmas colours like red, gold, or silver. Arranged in wine glasses, they add an elegant touch to your Christmas table setup.Christmas table decorated for lunch or dinner

Outdoor Christmas Tree and Decor:

Why not have a Christmas tree on your deck ensure its secured and partly sheltered to protect against the elements. Alternatively, create a festive scene with brightly coloured, wrapped empty boxes, simulating a pile of Christmas gifts. Affordable wrapping paper can make this a budget-friendly decoration.

Christmas tree on the deck surrounded by colourful presents

Seasonal Cushions for Comfort:

Bright cushions in red, green, gold, or silver can instantly uplift the look of your deck furniture. You don’t need to buy new ones; simply cover your existing cushions with festive fabric from eBay or Spotlight. The vibrant colours of Christmas make decorating effortless.

Colourful way to brighten up a deck

Jolly Inflatables:

If space allows, a large inflatable Christmas decoration, like a snowman, can add a fun and whimsical touch to your deck.

Christmas Bows and Wreaths:

Adorn your deck with large, weather-resistant Christmas bows or wreaths. They’re a simple yet effective way to bring in the festive spirit. Avoid paper bows to prevent any colour stains in case of rain.

christmas wreaths

Handcrafted Deck Decorations:

Engage in some DIY fun by creating homemade decorations with your family. For instance, spray-painted pinecones strung together can be a charming addition. A handmade Christmas sign is another great way to personalise your deck’s Christmas look.

Decking out your deck for Christmas is not just about adding decorations; it’s about creating a festive and inviting outdoor space where memories can be made. With these ideas, you’re well on your way to having a deck that’s as merry and bright as the season itself. Happy decorating!

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