How Can I Choose the Right Timber for My Australian Deck?

How Can I Choose the Right Timber for My Australian Deck?

Sep 6, 2023 | Blog, Deck Maintenance, Helpful Tips

Decks are a quintessential part of our Australian lifestyle. We love our backyards, and we love the flexibility and sense of outdoor-indoor living that our decks bring to our lives. With a great decking space, we are able to enjoy evening sunsets with the sounds and aromas of a sizzling barbecue in the background. On the same deck, we sip our morning coffee, listening to the world wake up. Our decks provide us with the freedom to enjoy our homes, backyards, and lives exactly the way that we want to. From quiet mornings or evenings with the family, all the way through to entertaining party guests under strings of twinkling lights long into the night, decks are enjoyed in so many different ways. That’s why choosing the right timber for your decking is such a crucial decision. There are an array of timber choices when it comes to decks, and each has its own unique properties. That’s why we have put together this article with a variety of tips and tricks for choosing the timber that suits your preferences, your lifestyle, and the climate you live in. Then, to ensure that you can take care of your new decking in the best way, discover professional deck oiling and deck staining services in your location.

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Durability and Resistance:

The Australian climate can be unforgiving with our harsh winters, heavy rainfall, and of course, the boiling hot summers. Because of this, the durability of our decks is a critical consideration, as they are exposed to these elements year-round. Some popular choices for durability are Spotted Gum, Merbau, and Ironbark. These timber species are naturally resistant to decay, weathering, and even insects, and they are able to stand up to the Aussie climate. In addition, there are some timbers that are more resistant to pests like termites, as well as fungal decay. Spotted Gum is once again, another great choice if these considerations are a concern.



If you are looking to minimise your impact on the environment and make more sustainable decisions, then selecting a sustainable timber for your deck is a great option. You can look for timber that is certified by Responsible Wood (previously known as the Australian Forestry Standard) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), as these certifications ensure that the timber you choose has a minimal environmental impact. Organisations such as these work to source timber from reliably managed forests, and they promote sustainable forestry practices which means that you can rest assured that you are not harming the environment with your timber choice.


Aesthetic Appeal:

The aesthetics of the timber you choose is also an important personal consideration. When choosing a timber, reflect on what you would like your finished deck to look like, taking into account your home’s architectural design as well as the landscaping of your yard. There are many species to choose from when building a new deck, from the pale tones of Blackbutt, through to the deep red-brown of Jarrah. This tip is all about your preferences, your style, and selecting a timber that fits with the dream you have for your finished deck.


Maintenance Considerations:

Don’t forget to think about the ongoing maintenance that timber needs when selecting a species for your deck. A timber like Merbau for instance, is known in the industry to be a great, lower maintenance option because of its reputation for improving with time and age. This is due to the natural oils that Merbau possesses and releases over time which potentially means that you will need to stain it less frequently to maintain its stunning, red-tinged brown appearance. On the other end of the spectrum, you have Treated Pine, which is a versatile and popular choice for decking. Treated Pine has the ability to take on stains, paints, and oils very effectively, and thus it transforms easily into a vast array of colours. However, this could mean that a deck of this species requires more upkeep in the form of deck oiling, deck painting, or staining to retain that chosen shade or colour.

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Seek Professional Advice:

If you are at all unsure about selecting the right timber for your new deck, you can always seek advice from professionals. From timber suppliers to builders, there are an array of experts that will be able to guide you in the right direction.


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