How to Restore a Grey and Weathered Deck

How to Restore a Grey and Weathered Deck

Jan 23, 2021 | All, Deck Restoration

Patios are a great asset, especially during the summer months when outdoor shindigs are all the rage. Eager to host an awesome get-together with your best mates but a little embarrassed at the state of your deck? No worries! If your deck is looking a bit sad and broken, it is not necessarily a goner. Whilst regular deck maintenance and preservation are the best ways to ensure your deck never gets to this state, there are ways to breathe new life into it without costing big bikkies. With a little time and effort, your deck can go from grey and weathered to shiny and happy once more.

Sending Out an S.O.S.

Has your deck been waiting for as long as a wet weekend for some much-needed attention? Looking drab is not the only sign your deck needs some love. Keep your eyes peeled for these other SOS signals:

  • Split or cracked boards
  • Peeling and flaking paint
  • Splintering boards
  • Visible areas of mold and mildew on planks or deck frame
  • Spongy and soft places

Not sure if your deck is a complete shemozzle? Reach out to our team to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We will get things right as rain.

Restore or Replace

Wood reviving cleaners go a long way in turning your deck back into party central. Our professional-grade cleaning materials get rid of icky stains and old oil residue that make your deck look gross. Once your deck is in ship-shape condition, we recommend recoating and resealing it to keep it that way.

Whilst localised damage to a deck’s surface usually is remedied by replacing the affected boards, there may be times when cleaning and restoration are not sufficient, and your deck will need replacing. Deck owners who have ignored cries for help will notice:

  • Extensive damage to the deck surface
  • Visible gaps between the deck and your home
  • Wood rot or water damage
  • Loose or damaged fasteners

Not sure if your deck is a complete goner? Our team of deck restoration experts can evaluate its condition.

Choosing the deck restoration experts

Since 2007, DeckSeal has provided great deck restorations services to deck owners in Melbourne and Victoria. Demand remains high for our cleaning, restoration, and maintenance services.

Phone us if your deck is looking a little grey and weathered and we will get it shining again.

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