The Benefits of being a DeckSeal Franchisee

The Benefits of being a DeckSeal Franchisee

Aug 18, 2020 | Franchises

The positives for investing in an established franchise business can be endless.

Effective franchises have excellent success rates – especially in their early years as opposed to stand alone start ups that often fold within the first couple of years.

For someone prepared to put in the hard work and who is keen on using their handy skills but has limited business knowledge, a DeckSeal franchise is the perfect option for you!

Brian Burgess, Director says

“DeckSeal is real people operating a real business who are totally committed to seeing the business bring success to our Franchisee investors. We’ve done all the hard work and aim to equip all our Franchisees with the skills and support to see them succeed at the business. We’ve loved building the DeckSeal business from the ground up. Going through the franchising process helped us to take it to the next level and helped us really refine our systems and processes – this has ensured we are 100% market ready for franchisees.”

We’ve outlined some of the key differences between being a DeckSeal Franchisee and going it alone:

BenefitDeckSeal FranchiseeOn Your Own
Hands on training – No Trade Qualifications RequiredYesX
Ongoing Franchisor SupportYesX
Access to our products and suppliers – bulk buying powerYesX
Full Suite of Operational Manuals (with training)YesX
Raise DeckSeal brand awareness (website maintenance, local areasAdvertising and social media campaigns done for you)YesX
Exclusive large territories to maximise your earning potentialYesX
Quoting & estimating trainingYesX
DeckSeal Call Centre dedicated to managing customer callsYesX
Established, Automated Job Management and Software Systemsand ProcessesYesX

It’s easy to see the many real benefits of becoming a DeckSeal Franchisee. Combine this with your great work ethic and the dedication of your Franchisors Brian and Danielle – you’re onto a winning career move!

Make the change today and start taking control or your life!

To find out more about this genuine and exciting business opportunity, contact Danielle Burgess on 0410 537 164 or email

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